Monday, January 25, 2010

25 - Atlantis

So I got to thinking, why do representations of Atlantis always look like an ancient Greek city except underwater? First off, even if Atlantis sank in ancient times, wouldn't they just keep renovating and building the same way everyone living on land has? So the Doric columns go.

Next, buildings on land look a certain way because of the physics involved in their construction. Um, I guess you'd call that engineering. Right. So the engineering constraints would be completely different underwater. You wouldn't need a building to be wider at the base than at the top, for example, because its weight is supported by the water. Also, a long, thin structure would be subject to ocean currents, so you'd want something short and squat, or something that can move, or something shaped like a stalagmite (which, I guess contradicts my point about the buildings not needing to be wider at the base than at the top). A good place to look for inspiration is underwater plants.

With all that in mind, and given that Marvel's version of Atlantis changes from comic to comic depending on who's drawing, I sketched the above.

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