Thursday, July 15, 2010

183 - Human Torch

As I was drawing this I got to thinking about the Human Torch, and one of the things that doesn't get addressed much is how insanely powerful he is for a teenager (as he was when he got the powers), and really how dangerous that power is. Spider-man was a teen, but he just sticks to walls. Johnny Storm is on fire, and he flies and shoots fire everywhere. That's kind of mental. If I lived in a world where a sixteen year old kid had that kind of ability, I'd go live in a mine shaft or something.

Also, his flaming state is treated like some kind of energy effect, when really he's standing there burning. I think he'd be profoundly disturbing to be around, considering our primal reaction to fire, but instead, people in the Marvel Universe tend to be kind of blase about him being there.

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