Saturday, May 8, 2010

126 - The Enforcers

Ox. Montana. Fancy Dan. These guys might not look like much, but they're the biggest badasses in the Marvel universe. None of them have any powers, but they've held they're own against Spider-Man on multiple occasions.

Spider-Man, in case you've forgotten, has the powers and proportional strength of a spider. The Enforcers are a strongman, a cowboy, and a guy named "Fancy Dan."

Watching Spider-Man fight them is like having your team slowly blow a five point lead. The whole time, you're thinking, "How is this happening?" Spider-Man pulls it out in the end, but the match up is always closer than it should've been.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet scetch (can't spell for shit). We usally have a different fan obsesion (again, can't spell) every month, and this month it's these bad asses! Already bought a volume of sandman comics because one of them had the Enforcers in it. Have you seen the Ultimate one's? Their even more bad ass! Though I give the Ultimate universe for being a piece of shit, poits for making the Enforcers bad ass!


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