Thursday, February 25, 2010

55 - Blob

People talk about how the Beast's superhero name is insulting to the character, seeing as how he's a really smart guy but he gets stuck with a derogatory nickname because of his big hands and feet. However, he's got nothing to complain about compared to the Blob, whose powers consist of being fat and really hard to move. "The Blob", you know he didn't come up with that one himself.

That said, he's the one guy who could have that nickname and not be bothered by it. He's living large and loving it. If he were a hero, he'd have a complex and all sorts of internal conflict about how his powers make him fat, but as a villain, the Blob is completely unapologetic about his size. Here's a guy who's completely at ease with himself, with no self esteem issues, and he loves his powers and the opportunity they give him to be a loud mouthed jackass. You've got to give him some respect for that.

Drawing him was fun, so I did a few extra sketches:

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